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No interrest in 10m to 70cm converter


I was not online for a few days, and I just check my
email some 800km from my qth now.

I see that there has been no interrest in my 10m to
70cm design at all, and hereby will stop my help.
Many requests I got to publish my design, as it should
more encourage hams.

I see no reason that my design will encourage hams
more than the hundreds of other designs with MMIC and
helical filters what is told to be better than my
design I read in some replies.

On the other hand, how many hams really can make a
working design from only a circuit ?
Those who can, don't need my circuit and make it their
own way. The others who can't they buy their
equipment, or assemble kits they buy.
(most of them have to little knowledge, and some face
problems with measurement equipment on these higher

For this last group I made some effort.
Unfortunatly they like more to buy commercial
equipment than to build a kit.

At least I tried my best,


I vote for no more CW exams, and an increase in RF
electronical exams.
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