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AO-51 Mode V/S Report over West Malaysia

Hello Group,

This morning's pass of AO-51 over West Malaysia at 0255 UTC will be the last
pass that I am able to work.  Although AO-51 will be on mode V/S until
tomorrow night I guess, but unfortunately, I will not be able to get on it
due to other commitments.

Mode V/S now has been very active in this region unlike last time where I
only get to speak to my self. Hi hi. Since Friday (24 June) until today,
Sunday (26 June), I am happy to report that I have managed to work the
following stations:

24.06.05 0235 HS1JAN
25.06.05 1423 E21EIC, HS2WAQ, HS5IGY
26.06.05 0255 E21EIC

Signals on the S-Band were ranging from S5-S7 but it was perfectly readable
and 80% of the time full quieting except for passes below 20 degrees
elevation.  However, as usual for this region, the QRM was very very bad
from illegal 2M usage which makes the downlink very noisy.  For this region,
the PL tone really helps.  During the last time when the PL tone was used
for mode V/S, the downlink was very pleasant to listen to.

I would like to say congratulations to the hams in Thailand and also to
TAMSAT group for their effort to get on the satellites as well as AO-51 mode
V/S.  The TAMSAT group and hams in Thailand have done a very good job and I
am hoping to hear more stations from Thailand as well as around this region
on satellites such as FO-29, SO-50 and AO-51.  Unfortunately, I did not do
any recordings this time, but next time, I will get the system ready to
record all passes.

In addition to that, I have also fully automated the last part of my station
which is the S-Band Doppler control.  I must say that the automatic Doppler
control for S-Band is really very helpful and now, I can get easily have an
armchair QSO.  Thanks again to all who have replied my question regarding
the CT-17 serial cable type.

Equipment used here are FT-847 for 2M / 70 CM, ICOM IC-R7000 for S-Band with
UEK-3000 Converter 2M IF, Yaesu G-5500 rotator & Yaesu GS-232B Computer
Interface.  Antennas are 8 turn helix RHCP for S-Band, 10 Element Yagi for
2M, Vertically polarized and 11 Element Quad for 70 CM also vertically
polarized while software used is WISP and WISP DDE Client.

That's all for now, and hope to hear more stations on via satellites.  Have
a great weekend and a great week ahead :)

Sion Chow Q. C.,
9W2QC. (OJ03TB)
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