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Re: field day 6 contacts I hope

If the transponder is packed end-to-end, or the bird is FM'ing, of course I'll not add to the congestion.  But if, as you pointed out, AO-7 is up (A or B) and no one's there, or if FO-29 or VO-52 are quiet during the night, I'll start CQ'ing!  

For me, it's not about the points:  the fun is in making the contacts.  Sure, I'd rather talk to 20 or 30 other FD sites than just 6, but I'm not about to crank up the power and keep someone else from making their Q's just so I can...  The points are secondary (although not everyone in our club feels that way...)

George, KA3HSW

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George, thanks for your comments. Sure I would love a repeat of the 32 I
had the last year of AO-40 too. But since we have what we have we need to
understand that 6 contacts is 105 points and 20 is 119. The idea that the
SSB birds can handle unlimited Q's is just not possible. They will
overload with RF and be just as useless as the FM if we all try to call at
once. There is no way to maximize the effort except for everyone to
operate in a reasonable fashion. I don't mean to suggest that if AO-7
comes on in mode B and only one station is there calling that I wont work
it. But if it is jammed I sure wont add to the problem. When all is said
and done I will be very happy with my 105 points. The main thing is that
everyone have fun and let others do the same. I look forward to logging
your station on field day.  73's << John

> Well, I sure would like to be able to make 20+ Field Day satellite QSO's
> like we used to when AO-13 was still up there............  gotta love
> those
> HEO birds!  Anyway, if I am going to go thru all the effort of dragging my
> gear to Field Day, I sure expect to make more than just 6 contacts!!!
> I'll
> probably limit myself to one Q per FM bird (depends on how jammed the
> overnight passes are), but the SSB birds are fair game.
> George, KA3HSW
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