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Re: field day 6 contacts I hope

Well, I sure would like to be able to make 20+ Field Day satellite QSO's 
like we used to when AO-13 was still up there............  gotta love those 
HEO birds!  Anyway, if I am going to go thru all the effort of dragging my 
gear to Field Day, I sure expect to make more than just 6 contacts!!!  I'll 
probably limit myself to one Q per FM bird (depends on how jammed the 
overnight passes are), but the SSB birds are fair game.

George, KA3HSW

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> The Lynchburg Amateur Radio Club will again this year operate our field
> day station. Along with the normal 2A we will run the satellite station.
> We will use the club call of K4CQ. Please listen for us on all the birds.
> Our intent is the try for one contact on each bird and then stop so others
> can have as much chance as possible. How much does the next 10 or 20
> points mean anyway? I would perfer 6 contacts on 6 sats to calling CQ on
> top of 100 others doing the same. Lets all get our 6 and let it go at
> that. Thanks << John
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