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SatPC32 S/W & IC-970H

(Referring to SatPC32 S/W John wrote:

"Be careful with the 970H. I could never get it to function properly with
either program. Might not be a problem with the software, just my
inabilities. I operated thru the birds for a couple of years with a 970H,
manually adjusting the downlink vfo, and allowing the program to steer the
antennas. Many others operate the birds in a similar manner. Maybe others on
the reflector can help you with the setup for the 970H".

I have an IC-970H and I was planning on purchasing SatPC32 to use for Doppler
correction and antenna control with a Yaesu 5400.  I would really appreciate
hearing from others who are either successfully using SatPC32 with an IC-970,
or who experienced problems with this combination.

Thanks & 73,

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