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2m to 70cm upconverter design, any interrest ??


To get on the 70cm HAMSAT uplink is not easy for many
hams in the world. FM handies are available, but other
modes than FM is very rare and to expensive for those

To get them on 70cm ssb the best way is to use an
upconverter from their widely available HF. With use
of an upconverter an 10m ssb signal will be converted
into an 70cm ssb signal and can be used for HAMSATs
With use of a 2m to HF down-converter the same HF can
be used for receiving the HAMSATs ssb downlink.

I have been looking around the web to find available
converters. For 2m to 10m down-converters there are
several options, with good prices. Unfortunatly for
10m to 70cm up-converters there is very little
available and with high prices.

Because of this I have been working on a cheap and
simpel to make design. After some weeks testing and
experimenting I got something on the test bench.

The prototype can be seen on my webpage:

or via my main page:

The features of the design are:
* Made on a PCB 
* In a metal box (74mm x 148mm x 30mm)
* 407MHz local oscillator build in
* 12Vdc power supply
* 50mW output on 70cm (enough to drive M57716 10W
power module)
* 28MHz BNC input, 70cm BNC output
* Unwanted suppression >40dB
* No exotic components

When there is enough interrest I will deliver kits and
complete constructed converters.

I can not deliver it for a price less than below:
Kits              = 175 USD (+ shipping costs)
Complete build    = 250 USD (+ shipping costs)

!!! Please note that this is a complete TX
upconverter, included PCB, Crystal, metal box, BNC
connectors etc etc
!!! The only thing needed to be qrv on HAMSAT 70cm
uplink is a final amplifier. 
!!! Best solution is a M57716 module that give 10W
output at the 50mW input.

Let me know if there is any interrest,

William Leijenaar

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