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Re: Pocket Sat Data Question

> I'll be darn if I can download new one and get it to see them. I
> followed the limited directions on the website but am obviously doing
> something incorrectly, like saving them to the wrong folder. When I do
> the import it doesn't find them.
> 73,  John 
> N4NAB/ FM14lq
> AMSAT # 32411


Try this if you haven't already:

GO TO http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/tools/keps.php

Scroll down to "Keps in PDB Format" and click on it. If your browser asks if you
want to open or save you can choose open. This sets up the keps for your next
HotSync with your PC or Mac.

Do the HotSync to your Palm Pilot.

On your Palm, open PocketSat+ (you did get + right?) and choose "Import".
On the Import screen choose the "Database" tab and look for a database file
called "amsat 2005-?-?" (the date the file was created), select it and choose
"Import". PocketSat+ will now have the updated Keps.

Go to the sats tab and choose the birds you want to track

BAM! You're done!

Hope this helps.

73 de KC8ZFN
John in EN75

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