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SSETI Express about to leave the cleanroom

The SSETI Express flight model is expected to be fully completed before the end of this week and will then be taken out from the cleanroom and packed for despatch to the launch site at Plesestk. This means that the webcam pictures at http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/webcam.htm will be almost the last ones available before launch. Presently they are updated every 5 minutes.
SSETI Express is scheduled for launch on Aug 25th and after intial telemetry and telecommand operations is expected to provide a U/S FM transponder in the amateur satellite service.
More details of the launch, the telemetry formats, frequencies and available software will be made available over the forthcoming days/weeks prior to launch.
ESA (and AMSAT-UK) really hope that as many amateurs around the world as possible will be willing to download the telemetry (9k6 on 437MHz and 38k4 on 2.4GHz), decode it and forward it to the SSETI Control Station over the internet. This opportunity to participate will enable us to show that the amateur satellite service groundstation network is a viable system for such short term projects. This in turn will encourage them and possibly other launch agencies to actively consider incorporating amateur transponder equipment in their future projects!
Graham G3VZV

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