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Re: Cosmos 1

On 22 Jun 2005 at 12:20, n6ors wrote:

> I have a great idea , instead of always "showing them what we can 
do for
> them" . Why dont
> some of these other org's show us what they can do for us?  I for 
one am
> not intrested at
> all in tracking a sat that dont have a transponder onboard, 
> when it could have had.
> Keith N6ORS
Soyuz launch will be transferred from Baikonour Russia to Kourou 
french Guyanna around 2008. This will double Soyouz payload capacity.

It will be not a question of where we can get a ride but what we will 
have to be launch! (this is not taking in account all the cube sats 

If NASA is actively promoting space via ARISS in part, could be they 
can " show us what they can do for us?" even if we know they support 
AMSAT actually.

Wishful thinking! no!  just a dose of reality and common sense.


"That a democracy can't do certain things if in fact its citizens 
don't support it"
Lieutenant general James Conway June 16 2005.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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