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Re: Cosmos 1

  It demonstrates an admirable attitude whenever Hams look for ways to help. 
Amateur Radio is a hobby with not just a little public service and scientific 
endeavor integrated into the many and varied activities we pursue as Hams. 
  I know that some others will say that we get nothing in return from offering 
our services and expertise. I would disagree: I believe that we get the most 
from our hobby when we freely join in the experiment that Amateur Radio, and 
AMSAT in particular, presents us for our enjoyment and education. 
  N6SHI has this attitude, and I commend him for it. 

George, k6ite

On 22 Jun 2005 at 0:00, n6shi@earthlink.net wrote:
> According to the Pasadena office, they received a signal last night (wishful
> thinking?)
> If they did and the spacecraft is up there but not in the right orbit, we can
> help by monitoring for it.  We have the good luck that our "big guns" antennas
> are going to be out over this weekend during field day.  Those of us who are
> going to be trying to work the sats have downtime that we can be listening for
> the beacon.
> the downlink for UHF:  401.5275 Mhz
> for S-Band:               2250       Mhz
> Let's show them what we can do for them!
> de N6SHI
> Ronnie
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