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Re: S-Band AO-51

Um........  there is no UHF uplink on AO-51, so mode U/S is not possible.  There are downconverters
available with 435 IF's, and some of the others can be converted to a 435 IF (not the TSI AIDC-3733, though,
according to K5GNA...).  Otherwise, it's 2 radios, as you said.  I'll be using my 910H for the uplink and an HT for the downlink of Field Day.  Tested the combo the other night and works FB, no desense at all, even up to 50 watts on the uplink. (and no, I did not try that much power up to the bird itself:  that was a "dry" test with no satellite in sight)

George, KA3HSW

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  Probably, when the control team (hint!!??) gets a suggestion- uhf up and 2.4ghz down would be easier to accomplish with a single dual band radio that has seperate 145 and 435 antenna connections to accomodate the downconverter.
Have fun with the birds, experimentation is part of this end of the hobby.
Dee, NB2F
NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator
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