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What do you think, check me ?

Enzo IK8ZOV posted the following message. I was the only one responding.

I sent him a .bmp file detailing the set-up he requested.

I would like to be double checked. I also told him I would post this message on the bb.

If you would like to have a look at the .bmp file and confirm  it is RCHP, I would appreciate your input.

Please reply off BB, and I will reply direct with .bmp file attachment.


AMSAT 33589

-------------- Original message from "Vincenzo Mone" : 

> Hi to the list, 
> I need an help. 
> I own two antennas 2x19 elements crossed yagi F9FT. 
> I would like to make them RHCP. 
> I have a power splitter with 4 port. 
> I would like to know the length of the 4 cables for each side of the 
> antennas,( I mean 2 vertical and 2 horizontal )Have to be a determinate size 
> or any size? If they should be determinate sizes please can you tell me the 
> right sizes? 
> Thanks in advance 
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