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Re: SASI Prob

Les -

> The RAW data stays at 255 and never moves, no matter what levers I push.

If this is the case, then the SASI Sat Tracker isn't communicating 
proper data to the computer.  This could be due to a fault anywhere 
between the Yaesu controller and the parallel port output of the Sat 
Tracker.  You should check to see if the Az/El voltages at the Yaesu DIN 
socket vary as the rotators are moved.  If not, then the problem is 
inside the Yaesu box.  If the voltages do change as the rotators move 
then perhaps the SASI cable is damaged.  If that's not the case, then it 
is possible that the SASI is fried.

There is a remote possibility that your parallel port is mis-configured 
or disabled, but this is very rare.

You might also try running the DOS SASI test program from the SASI disk 
to see if the SASI is reporting anything to the computer.  This is 
seldom worth the trouble (DOS environment, SASI's TSR, etc.) because 
Nova is quite reliable in reading the SASI. 

> Does this mean both rotors are flipped and are at the maximum position 
> now?

No, because manually moving the rotators should cause the raw data to 


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