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Kenpro/Yaesu Rotatator Scales.

Just a reminder that I have south-centered scales for the Kenpro/Yaesu 
400/500 and 5400 on my website. These are best printed onto self-adhesive 
label, and stuck on the back of the original meter scale. South-Centered 
scales are most useful in the northern hemisphere for VHF/UHF work, where 
you rarely need to track through North, but often track through South.

There are also scans of the 400/500 AZ-EL rotator 
manuals  http://www.g4dmf.co.uk/rotatorinfo/rotators.html

A scan of the KCT User 
Manual    http://www.g4dmf.co.uk/KCT_Manual/KCT_manual.html

A simple 2400Mhz marker Generator   http://www.g4dmf.co.uk/2400/2400.html

and some info on my AO40 aerial experiments.

Hope some of these may be usefull
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