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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2004 #751

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On  the AO-51 pass S mode that I have tried, I found that I had to keep the 
K5GNA  downconverter/dipole arrangement vertically oriented.  Is the Vhf uplink 
 oriented the same way or do I need to have it horizontal instead ?  I am  
tried to rig up a bracket for my arrow that will let me steer both antennas at  
once.  Havent been able to find anything on this from the online specs  for 
AO-51 that I have  found.


Intersting Ron.
I've been using this extended period of period of S-Band use to test a  
number of converters and antenna combinations. However, I still seem to get 3 or  4 
periods of total loss of signal per pass even when I use circular  
polarisation. Has anyone else observed this?
I wondered if it was physical 'blocking' by part of the satellite  structure. 
But surely after a year in orbit the attitude and spin should have  
stabilised. The only other thing I can do is to cross check against the spin  period to 
confirm the blocking theory.
Incidentally, over the last yeat at this location 144MHz as an IF is now  
completely hopeless. In this part of the city I have 4 cell phone installations  
operating on the image frequency with a few hundred watts ERP.   The  432 and 
29MHz converters (both with image around 1400 -1500MHz) are still  clear.
David   G0MRF
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