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Mode S AO51

I have a down converter and I have tried it with both a  3 Turn Helix and a
patch feed. Both are circular polorization LH.
On F.M. I can get 10 dB of quieting at -120 dB on input to my down converter
I have a S5 noise floor and a S9 on AO-51 on peaks, but loose it for a few
seconds every 9 or 10 seconds.
I can point the feed at a florecent light and get a 2 S unit increase in
noise. I think the converter is O.K.
 The antenna for the bird is linear. Am I to assume that the null is do to
the change in antenna from the bird rotation ?
I now have the feed on a 20 " dish to try to raise the nuls to an exceptable
level without making the pointing critical.
Anyone else had this experience?

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