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Re: SSB UEK-2000 Down Convertor

George Henry wrote:
> If you started listening at 145.125, you were too low, assuming that 
> 2401.000 downconverts to 145.000.  Depending on the maximum elevation of 
> the pass, you should be starting out as high as 145.260 or so, and 
> tuning down to as low as 145.140 at LOS.  At CPA you should be right on 
> 145.200.  (My downconverter is about 20 KHz low, so last night I found I 
> was listening at 145.180 in the middle of the pass when it should have 
> been right at 145.200)
> George, KA3HSW
Good thoughts George.  My "old" converter is also low in frequency but
more importantly, it drifts like crazy!  Not to worry!  Be a ham and
know how to compensate.  If your listening for a digital signal, then
observe the centering display of an FM signal.  If you are listening to
FSK, which you will have to do when listening to a CUBESAT signal, then
center that display on the waterfall display between 1200 and 2200 Hz.
     All of you might have observed "interjection" of CUBESAT operating
sentences lately.  There just in not enough hours in the day to write
the required articles for CUBESAT, so the best that can be done is just
comment when possible.  I simply can not keep up!  All CUBESATS are on
437 MHz with the exception of one that has a 2400 MHz downlink.
Cliff K7RR
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