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Re: SSB UEK-2000 Down Convertor

If you started listening at 145.125, you were too low, assuming that 
2401.000 downconverts to 145.000.  Depending on the maximum elevation of the 
pass, you should be starting out as high as 145.260 or so, and tuning down 
to as low as 145.140 at LOS.  At CPA you should be right on 145.200.  (My 
downconverter is about 20 KHz low, so last night I found I was listening at 
145.180 in the middle of the pass when it should have been right at 145.200)

George, KA3HSW

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> Nope no dish or helix. Just the downconvertor. It has N connectors for the
> Ant and RX and a SO-239 for the 13.5V supply which had a green cap.
> I just tried the 10.15 pass of AO-51 with a cushcraft WiFi patch as the
> antenna, but didn't hear anything so I would imagine I'm listening in the
> wrong spot on 2M. I think I started at 145.1250 and went down from there..
> I'm going to try the noon pass too, it's a little higher (45 deg) at this
> location so that may be better.
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