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QRM on AO-51 uplink

Hi all,
The QRM on the 145.920 MHz uplink is very bad
here in Europe. YES - I know I have said this very
often before.
The Russian telephone networks in the northern part
of European Russia is on this frequency. Could someone
in Russia try to take action on this ?
Is it really allowed to do that ?

The Golf Area has the same problem. Someone in that
area ought to be able to do something about it.

A new thing to me is that the North Western part of Africa
is misusing the frequency as well. Clear Arabic talk on
the satellite.

During the troubled part of the orbit I had to use 100 W
to high gain antennas to get thou the satellite :-( And that
was not enough in some cases.

During clear passes it is possible to use 2 - 5 W only.

On top of that we have misusers in Spain and Italy - but that
is the least of the problem.

YES - I know I sound like a sour old man - but please try to
do something about it.

73 OZ1MY
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