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RE: SSB UEK-2000 Down Convertor

Nope no dish or helix. Just the downconvertor. It has N connectors for the
Ant and RX and a SO-239 for the 13.5V supply which had a green cap. 

I just tried the 10.15 pass of AO-51 with a cushcraft WiFi patch as the
antenna, but didn't hear anything so I would imagine I'm listening in the
wrong spot on 2M. I think I started at 145.1250 and went down from there..

I'm going to try the noon pass too, it's a little higher (45 deg) at this
location so that may be better. 


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> Robin Alexander wrote:
> > Does anyone have any info on this unit. I picked up a used 
> one from a 
> > local hamfest and wanted to give it a try for V/S mode, but 
> I have no 
> > data on the unit (it's a masthead mount).I looked on the 
> SSB site but 
> > can't see anything.
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Any help much appreciated. 
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Regards
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Robin W7YED
> > 
> The old UEK-2000 downconverter was a good 2.4 Gc unit.  Did 
> you get the entire unit including the  three turn helix and 
> dish?  They were a single unit originally.  The green box 
> behind the helix reflector contained the downconverter, 2400 
> to 144 MHz, thus 2401 to 145 MHz.
> Power was 13.5 VDC fed from one of the two RG 141 coax cables 
> and terminated in CENTER panel connector which served as a 
> mount for the entire feed/converter.  The other RG 141 coax 
> was the 2 M IF down coax and was the type N connector to the 
> RIGHT of center when the mounting bracket was toward the 
> observer.  A double male N adapter connected the helix to the 
> converter box to the left.  Does that give you a start??
> Cliff K7RR
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