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Re: SSB UEK-2000 Down Convertor

Robin Alexander wrote:
> Does anyone have any info on this unit. I picked up a used one from a local
> hamfest and wanted to give it a try for V/S mode, but I have no data on the
> unit (it's a masthead mount).I looked on the SSB site but can't see
> anything.  
> Any help much appreciated. 
> Regards
> Robin W7YED
The old UEK-2000 downconverter was a good 2.4 Gc unit.  Did you get
the entire unit including the  three turn helix and dish?  They were
a single unit originally.  The green box behind the helix reflector
contained the downconverter, 2400 to 144 MHz, thus 2401 to 145 MHz.
Power was 13.5 VDC fed from one of the two RG 141 coax cables and
terminated in CENTER panel connector which served as a mount for the
entire feed/converter.  The other RG 141 coax was the 2 M IF down coax
and was the type N connector to the RIGHT of center when the mounting
bracket was toward the observer.  A double male N adapter connected the
helix to the converter box to the left.  Does that give you a start??
Cliff K7RR
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