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Re: ISS for Field Day


I basically said the same thing in an earlier Email to the board.
Have a "Gentleman's" agreement to work 1 station per bird then QSY to 
another bird or HF or something. Give other's a CHANCE for 100 bonus points! 
It is still 1 point for a voice QSO no matter where it is!
No need for pileups!
I remember a contest where you worked a station then relinquished the 
frequency to them. Then that station works a station and gives the frequency 
to him! Not a bad Idea for satellite work. It would be fair to everyone who 
wants a crack at a contact!

73, Scott
BTW 6 meters is wide open to most of USA!

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] ISS for Field Day

> What confusion?  I wasn't talking about scoring, I was talking about the 
> fact
> that the ARRL's refusal to adopt AMSAT's 1 QSO per FM satellite rule 
> actually
> CONTRIBUTES to the interference that occurs on the FM birds on Field Day,
> making it much more difficult to make even that FIRST QSO, let alone any
> additional ones..........  it's just like in economics:  lower the price, 
> sell
> more units, make more profit.  If you let everyone try as many times as 
> they
> want to, you'll actually have FEWER successful contacts, due to 
> interference.
> Limit FM satellite users to 1 QSO per FM bird, and you'll have more 
> Q's, not less!    That is precisely the rationale behind AMSAT's 1 Q per 
> FM
> satellite rule.
> The ARRL just doesn't get it:  it's not about the number of points, it's 
> about
> a policy that promotes SUCCESS versus one that actually leads to failure.
> Here's Dan Henderson's reply to my request to implement such a rule:
> --------------------------------------------
> Hi George:
> Thanks for your comments.
> This has been discussed in the past and was not adopted.  Limiting it to 
> one
> QSO kills the incentive for many groups to even attempt trying, just as 
> your
> point that allowing it kills groups from trying since they can't be
> successful.  Unfortunately either way there are groups that will be 
> unhappy.
> By the way, they do not receive additional bonus points after the first 
> QSO.
> Any addition QSOs count only for QSO points.  You don't get additional 
> bonus
> points for QSOs on additional satellites.
> 73
> Dan Henderson, N1ND
> ARRL Contest Branch Manager
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>  From: George Henry [mailto:ka3hsw@earthlink.net]
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>  Subject: Field Day Satellite rules
>  AMSAT's Field Day rules restrict a station to ONE QSO per FM satellite, 
> due
>  to the tremendous overload & interference that occurs (See
>  www.amsat.org/amsat-new/awards/amsatfd.php).  I think that ARRL's Field 
> Day
>  rules should do the same.  This way, those stations only wishing to get 
> the
>  100 point satellite QSO bonus would have a better chance, while those
>  willing to put in the effort for additional QSO points could do so on the
>  linear transponder birds (AO-7, FO-29, and now, HAMSAT) where there is 
> ample
>  bandwidth for everyone.
>  George Henry, KA3HSW
>  ARRL Member
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>   From: Grant Mitchell
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>   Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2005 7:56 AM
>   Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] ISS for Field Day
>   Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] ISS for Field Day
>   > What's REALLY a shame is that the ARRL refuses to adopt a 1 QSO per 
> pass
> or
>   > even 1 QSO per FM sat rule for Field Day.....  they actually ENCOURAGE 
> the
>   > type of operation that makes those birds practically useless FD 
> weekend!
>   >
>   > George, KA3HSW
>   >
>   There seems to be some confusion about this so I will try to clarify.
>   ALL satellite QSO's (including ISS) count for QSO point credit depending 
> on
> your entry classification.
>   A dedicated satellite station does NOT add to your station total.
>   You can only get the SATELITE BONUS of 100 points once......1 QSO
>   The ISS is not earth-satellite-earth so would not count toward the 
>   My suggestions:
>   Try to work as many stations, on as many satellites as you can (no 
> dupes!).
> Try to work our guys on the ISS (it will be busy).....it will add to your
> score and it's also a nice QSL card.  Work any ONE of the other satellites 
> for
> the 100 SATELLITE BONUS points......1 QSO.  Now sit back and work as many 
> as
> you can on all the satellites and increase your score and have fun.  I'll 
> try
> to be on most (no s band ) CW, SSB, FM and hope to work many of you.  FD 
> call
> will be N4BP.
>   Below is a copy of the satellite bonus Field Day rules.
>   7.3.7. Satellite QSO: 100 bonus points for successfully completing at 
> least
> one QSO via an amateur radio satellite during the Field Day period. Under 
> the
> "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" (Rule 3.7.2.), the no-repeater QSO
> stipulation is waived for satellite QSOs. Groups are allowed one dedicated
> satellite transmitter station without increasing their entry category.
> Satellite QSOs also count for regular QSO credit. Show them listed 
> separately
> on the summary sheet as a separate "band." You do not receive an 
> additional
> bonus for contacting different satellites, though the additional QSOs may 
> be
> counted for QSO credit. The QSO must be Earth-Satellite-Earth in nature.
> Available to Classes A, B, and F.
>   73 and good luck to all,
>   Grant, N4GM
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