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RE: RE: Hamsat now VO-52


I will try to explain the situation as best I can. I apologize in advance for any
errors as I only have a limited understanding of the situation in India at the

It has always been AMSAT's policy to recognize only one AMSAT affiliate organization
in each country.  To be recognized as an affiliate an organization must pass certain
tests.  Typically, such an organization would be.....
1) Not for Profit, non Governmental.
2) Comprise mainly Amateur Radio personnel
3) Have been involved in the development and launching of a national satellite, if
applicable and have the capabilities of controlling the satellite and future Amateur
Radio Satellites built in the country.
5) Represent the majority of the country's Amateur Satellite Users
6) Be open to all of the country's Nationals with an interest in Amateur Satellite
7) Accept membership from previous and current national organizations with similar

India has long had a recognized national organization, AMSAT INDIA, whose recognized
representative is Nagesh Upadhyaya VU2NUD.  This is the person who registered
"VUSat/Hamsat" on 04-July-2005 with International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) - see
http://www.amsat.org.uk/iaru/finished.asp. This is also the person who registered the
name VUSat-OSCAR-52 (VO-52) with AMSAT in accordance with the instructions given at
http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/information/faqs/numbers.php. This is all in
accordance with AMSAT and IARU policy and no one complained until later. 

>From AMSAT's point of view everything went smoothly but within India there is
conflict. No other person or organization has made official contact with the IARU or
applied for a name through the OSCAR Numbers Policy
(http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/information/faqs/numbers.php). However, at least two
groups are challenging the authority of the recognized AMSAT INDIA organization:

1) AMSAT-IN in New Delhi headed by Sri K.V. Prasad, VU2ROC and including VU2IIS,

2) A group of Hams from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) headed by Air
Cmde Suby VU2UV, and including VU2RMS, VU2POP, VU3SXE, VU2WMY, VU2BGS, VU2ITI,
VU2MKP, VU3TYG, VU3HCJ, VU2GDX, VU2GUR, VU2MGD, and VU2GGM. This is the group that
wants VO-52 renamed HO-52. 

AMSAT's Vice President of International Affairs and Immediate Past President, Robin
Haighton VE3FRH, is actively working on a solution to this problem and questions
relating to these issues should be directed to Robin or me. You can send e-mail to us
via the AMSAT Web site at http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/AboutAmsat/officers.php. 

>From AMSAT's perspective everything has happened according to normal procedures
through a recognized AMSAT INDIA authority. The conflicts exist within India and must
be solved there.  AMSAT will do what we can to assist in the resolution of these
issues but we have no authority to intervene, only to advise and assist. 

AMSAT President
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It is increadible that the name is still not changed. Its even terrible that they
even changed the HAMSAT name in VO-52...

Now its like VUSAT (aka HAMSAT), instead of HAMSAT (aka VUSAT)

I am awaiting for the "EAGLE" to be ready. Like the HAMSAT has got another name by
none participants, I will give the "EAGLE" also another name as none-participant in
this project. 

I will not name it as "EAGLE" but as "VULTURE", or any other kind of ugly looking

You think the satellite builder will like that? I didn't even mentioned the US (Eagle
proud) hams...

Have a nice day x :o)
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