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Re: ISS for Field Day

George Henry wrote:
> What's REALLY a shame is that the ARRL refuses to adopt a 1 QSO per pass 
> or even 1 QSO per FM sat rule for Field Day.....  they actually 
> ENCOURAGE the type of operation that makes those birds practically 
> useless FD weekend!
> George, KA3HSW
Yes, your observation that ARRL could give less of a damn is at least
a step in the right direction.  It has become more than apparent that
those of us that live in the "marvelous" LA area do not have a minor
vote in satellite operations.  That's crap of course as we live 200
miles North and could care less about stupid LA idiocy!.  Sure, more and
bigger, idiotic "CONTEST" operations do count.  Sure, loud mouthed,
power hungry, ruin what is left of ham radio people DO count-------for 
numbers and some semblance of FCC concern, BUT, damn it, not for much.
This week you can exhibit a demonstration of "contesting" negativism." 
You should but as usual but AMSAT views are not "terribly important". 
Sure, BPL is important, but can you at least acknowlege that ARRL knows 
that AMSAT is busting ass trying to keep current?  Your less than 
adaquate view sure as hell is not supported.     Cliff K7RR
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