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Re: Rotor Adjustment

sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
> I got another elevation rotor and it works fine now.
> But I really hate this rotor cable I bought at HRO. It is so stiff and 
> ties into nots. We use it for portable and Field Day use. if it was a 
> one time installation it may be fine. Does anyone use any softer easier 
> to roll cable?

Another and far cheaper source of rotor cable is found at Home Depot.
Go to the PLUMBING-irrigation section rather than the electrical
area.  They have seven conductor direct burial cable available.
      Unfortunately, all conductors are the same size.  We paralleled
two conductors feeding A6 and E6 to lower the voltage drop to the
motor.  As to how flexible this cable might be after a few years,
remains unknown, but you may want to evaluate this source as well.
      Cliff K7RR
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