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RE: Hamsat now VO-52


It is increadible that the name is still not changed.
Its even terrible that they even changed the HAMSAT
name in VO-52...

Now its like VUSAT (aka HAMSAT), instead of HAMSAT
(aka VUSAT)

I am awaiting for the "EAGLE" to be ready.
Like the HAMSAT has got another name by none
participants, I will give the "EAGLE" also another
name as none-participant in this project. 

I will not name it as "EAGLE" but as "VULTURE", or any
other kind of ugly looking animal...

You think the satellite builder will like that ?
I didn't even mentioned the US (Eagle proud) hams...

Have a nice day x :o)

>I received an online bug report from the website that
>Hamsat had disappeared from the Online prediction
>program.  This is because the name was changed from
>Hamsat to VO-52.
>When a new satellite is added to the keps list it is
>automatically scheduled for inclusion in the next
>update (done every 12 hours).  However I added logic
>to force a manual update today.  This was done at
>UTC.  VO-52 now shows up and the prediction engine is
>now predicting VO-52 
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