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Re: RE: S band for 6 bucks

Robin Wrote:

> Hi all,
> Perhaps I missed it, but did any one come up with the definitive ICM 
> part number for the replacement crystal?
> I saw Ron's (W6ZQ) message saying the "Catalog P/N is 746067" appear 
> to be the one.
> Has this been confirmed?
> Any way I would be interested in hearing more of other's experience in 
> obtaining replacement crystals.
> How many people plan on replacing the crystal in their units?
> Would it be enough to attempt a batch order?
> Perhaps there >>might<< be a discount by consolidating the orders.

Hi Robin:

The crystal that Ron's (W6ZQ) message referenced, "Catalog P/N is 
746067" was made for a Norsat 2500 downconverter.  This may, or may not 
be the correct crystal since it was made for a different manufacturer 
than California Amplifier.

I have not found any published specs for this downconverter, so I do not 
know what the crystal specs are.

I called International Crystal (ICM) this afternoon.  They have an 
8.8125 MHz. crystal in their catalog that was made for a California 
Amplifier model 130001 downconverter.  It would seem that this is in the 
same family as the 130215 ($6) downconverter, but I have no way to be 
certain.  The safest way would be to remove the original crystal from 
the downconverter and send it to International Crystal.  They will test 
it to determine what is needed.   If you do this, please post the 
information on the AMSAT BBS so that it can help others who want to 
obtain the correct crystals.

The crystal that I found is:

ICM p/n 525347

Freq. = 8.8125

Holder = HC-49 (wire leads & .5" tall)

Accuracy = 25 ppm (30 ppm temp)

Lead time = 4 wks  (special order)

Price 1 - 10 pcs. = $19.95 each

11 - 25 pcs. = $14.96 each

26 - 99 pcs. = $12.57 each

International Crystal - ICM


Barbara in Sales - ext. 249

Good luck & 73,

AMSAT # 5562
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