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Re: ISS for Field Day

Oh I'm not moaning, just expressing an opinion which at times is difficult
to do on this reflector.


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> Again, Earth-Satellite-Earth contacts count for the 100 point Satellite
> Bonus, whether they are relayed through equipment on the ISS or some
> other satellite.  Contacts made with operators located on manned
> platforms in space do not count for the bonus but do count for QSO
> points.  It's treated the same as Maritime Mobile and Aeronautical
> Mobile stations.  Consider the ISS crew as an Astronomical Mobile
> station.
> If you're taking the time to set up a satellite station for FD and the
> only contact you make through an orbiting body is with the ISS crew,
> you're doing a pretty poor job of communicating.
> My advice is; quit moaning and groaning about it and make some contacts
> on satellites. Field Day is about Emergency Preparedness communications,
> not about contacting one individual operator!
> 73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO
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> If someone takes the time to set up a satellite station for FD and
> points
> the antennas into space either manually or mechanically  and it's either
> a
> manned platform or transponder it should count.
> John
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