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RE: ISS for Field Day

Again, Earth-Satellite-Earth contacts count for the 100 point Satellite
Bonus, whether they are relayed through equipment on the ISS or some
other satellite.  Contacts made with operators located on manned
platforms in space do not count for the bonus but do count for QSO
points.  It's treated the same as Maritime Mobile and Aeronautical
Mobile stations.  Consider the ISS crew as an Astronomical Mobile

If you're taking the time to set up a satellite station for FD and the
only contact you make through an orbiting body is with the ISS crew,
you're doing a pretty poor job of communicating.

My advice is; quit moaning and groaning about it and make some contacts
on satellites. Field Day is about Emergency Preparedness communications,
not about contacting one individual operator!

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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If someone takes the time to set up a satellite station for FD and
the antennas into space either manually or mechanically  and it's either
manned platform or transponder it should count.

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