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Planetary Society requests amateur assistance.

The following is from the famous orbital detective Ted Molczan on the Hearsat mailing list:


Long-time SeeSat-L contributor Vladimir Agapov has contacted me and confirmed
that amateur radio observations will be highly useful to the Cosmos 1 project.
For example, accurate radio frequency measurements for Doppler calculations
(even AOS, LOS or zero-Doppler times). 

The Russian company "Space Informatics and Analytical Systems JSC" ("KIA
Systems") has developed various software for measurements processing, catalogue
maintenance etc., and is responsible for ballistic and navigation support of the
Solar Sail flight, under contract to Lavochkin Association, which developed and
produced the spacecraft for the Planetary Society.

KIA Systems has created a special e-mail account, to which I will forward all
radio observations that I receive via HearSat-L or directly, including each
observer's name, station name and coordinates.

Please include the precision of frequency and time measurements. Timing accuracy
need not be better than 0.001 s.

Information on the spacecraft's radio frequencies is provided here:


"The spacecraft will broadcast telemetry at two different frequencies: 401.5275
MHz (UHF band) and 2250 MHz (S-band). However, the broadcast will not be
continuous; it is turned only when the spacecraft passes over one of the ground
stations in our network."

Information on the tracking stations is provided here:



During the first day after launch, it would be highly desirable to report
observations as soon as possible.

Scheduled Launch Time: June 21, 2005 at 19:46:09 UTC

Ted Molczan
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