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Re: Eggbeaters

John Henderson wrote:

> I have constructed, very carefully I might add, a 70cm eggbeater II, got
> the swr down to 1.1/1 at 435-438 .Stone deaf at 25' height and 40 foot
> run of 9913. 

The first part is to remember that ANY omnidirectional antenna is going 
to result in a VERY WEAK received signal.  I also built a EB2 for use on 
a packet gateway station on PC-Sat.  I had less than 15 feet of feedline 
and a very sensitive receiver and was lucky to sucessfully decode more 
than a couple packets in each pass.  Te get a decent receive signal 
pretty well requires tracking antennas.

> Am I wasting my time and $$ or will a mast preamp help?


Jim Walls - K6CCC
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