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Re: Graphical Satellite Tracking with Linux

Hi Jamie,

Reading the 736r is not possible, unfortunately.  It's really annoying, 
because it is very cumbersome to work a sideband bird from the keyboard.  
So, the client I wrote only does the blind calculation of doppler offset 
from a command-line base, and drives the radio via a serial port.  Makes for 
arm-chair operation of the FM sats, but I do sideband the old fashioned way.

Driving the rotors was a matter of changing the string in the function 
'TrackDataOut' to match the Yaesu format ("Waaa eee\n") my homebrew 
controller uses.  I also had to change the serial port initialization to run 
two stop bits; the Basic Stamp in the controller just ain't fast enough to 
catch all the bits.

Greg  KO6TH

Hi Greg:

That's good stuff.  I have a friend who owns a 736R that is not yet in 
satellites.  I'm working on him.  I like Predict for its simplicity and the 
fact you can run it with a 'portable' kernel on a floppy drive. If you've 
figured out how to read the 736R and drive the rotors, I wouldn't mind 
seeing it and showing him what it could do.

73, Jamie
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