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Re: Graphical Satellite Tracking with Linux

Quoting John Heaton <John@manchester.ac.uk>:

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> On 16 Jun, 2005, at 21:51, laura halliday wrote:
> > Bruce Robertson <broberts@mta.ca> wrote:
> >> Now for my question: do any of these linux tracking programs have 
> >> hooks to
> >> run a program when a bird is in view? I'm thinking one could do
> >> computationally pricey things like soundmodem or an audio recording 
> >> shell
> >> script for only the duration of the pass if this were so.
> >
> > This is the beauty of open source development: if
> > you don't like how a program works, you are welcome
> > to modify it to your liking. The source is there:
> > go for it!
> With Predict running as a server application, you are NOT restricted to
> running just the one client application, you can run several so if gsat
> doesn't do what you want and the idea of modifying something like that 
> seems a bit daunting, then write your own Predict client.
> Several clients are supplied with Predict, some very sophisticated and 
> some very simple - there is a skeleton client in perl, and even one in 
> VB for a Windoze system.
> John

Thanks for the helpful advice, everyone. A perl client will be just the

73, VE9QRP
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