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RE: S band helix

Here are some interesting sites for 2.4 GHz helix designs.


     select: 2.4 GHz helix


     select : quadruple helix for AO-40



     has interesting reading, references, and links

I have built 6 helixs all out of PVC.

1 11 turn for 435 Mhz
1 20 turn for 2.4 GHz (AO-40)
4 20 turn for a quad array for 2.4 GHz.(AO-40)

I have been very pleased with their performance. 

I'm not an RF engineer.

My homebrew builds are a combination of G6LVB and N4WYK's designs.

Why I built.

1. It's a small antenna with no windload.
2. It can be easily built with everyday hardware store items.
3. It's broadbanded and has a wide beamwidth. 
4. They were fun to build. N4WYK's design is especially easy to build.
5. Lastly, their cheap.

With AO-51 downlink signal strength, a 20 turn helix should hear very well.
I set up my quad helix array in the back yard beside a Primestar dish with helix feed with a common signal source. I could detect no difference in signal strength between the two antennas.
There were differences. The Primestar's beamwidth was sharp. The quad helix array could hear the signal even off target and was about 1/4 the size of the dish.

I'll be glad to help anyway I can.


Mike Williams

AMSAT 33589.
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