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In Reference Icom CT-17

In an earlier e-mail that I sent to everyone... I said:

> Oh, I also found out that you can program radios, such as an
> Icom W-32a HT, with the CT-17!  But you need to make up a simple
> adapter cable first.  Take an old molded MONO mini-plug cable, cut
> one end off, and wire up a STEREO plug on the other end, connecting
> the center wire (tip to mono plug) to the RING of the STEREO plug.
> If you also make up a cable to go to a 4-PIN QUAD plug from the
> Icom MONO plug, you can even program YAESU HTs, such as the
> VX-2 types.  (In the later case, the front RING gets the center wire from
> the CT-17.)

Just in case anyone pays any attention to the part about the "QUAD" adapter
plug for VX-series HT programming, the "Programming PIN" is the FRONT
most RING connection,  NOT the rear one, as I had stated in my earlier

Charlie, N5TD
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