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Re: Graphical Satellite Tracking with Linux

Quoting laura halliday <marsgal42@hotmail.com>:

> "Robin Callender" <robin_callender@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >Just out of curiosity, has anyone run some of the standard Windows 
> >satellite tracking software under Linux + Wine (Windows Emulator)?
> >
> >I was going to try this on a newly installed Fedora Core 3 system, but
> I 
> >can't seem to find Wine in this verion of the Fedora 3 distro.
> >(At this point I am assuming some operator error as it was in previous
> >version of RedHet distros)
> Never tried it. If you want to run Windows programs,
> why are you wasting your time with Linux?

I've used the Nova demo in the classroom because of its unique set of
features; I'd love to be able to do so without running the windows OS.
Jim's earlier message in this thread indicates that he uses Wine with SatPC32:


I'm intrigued that I'm the only one who has mentioned gpredict and ktrack.
These are both interesting works with slightly different special strengths.
Gpredict does a fine diagram of the path of the satellite that I believe
newcomers understand quite quickly.

Now for my question: do any of these linux tracking programs have hooks to
run a program when a bird is in view? I'm thinking one could do
computationally pricey things like soundmodem or an audio recording shell
script for only the duration of the pass if this were so.


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