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VO-52 portable finally /w Mississippi

I guess you can call me a nut as most of my friends do. I have been trying  
to get a contact on one of the SSB birds from a portable station for sometime.  
Being on vacation in Nags Head NC I figured would be just the right time to 
try.  Now the fact that the temp in the 
driveway of this house is about 95 today and of course no shade high noon  
might not be the best time. Hey you go when the bird is there. A nice near  over 
head pass happened a little while ago so I spent about half hour getting  
setup. Using the arrow connected to my 706 and an old Yaesu 790 running off its  
own battery pack I finally made a contact. Being away from home means you  
don't have all your "stuff" with you. Can you believe I dug around in my  
computer bag and found a N to BNC adaptor. Sometimes you get lucky. Anyway it  all 
came together in time and I got a good report from a fellow in Mississippi  that 
I did not write his call down. I was so busy turning the arrow and tuning  
the 706 I just did not get it down. Maybe he will wont the QSL from FM25 and  
will email me. So call me nuts but I had a ball. 73's <<  John
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