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Re: Graphical Satellite Tracking with Linux

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On 14 Jun, 2005, at 23:26, Mike Lewis wrote:
>    Does anyone here have a graphical sat track program running under 
> Linux?  I'm running a 2.6 GHz Celeron PC with Fedora Core 3 and 
> haven't been able to figure out how to get GSat compiled.  The GSat 
> version is labeled 1.1.0 and came with a download of predict.  Predict 
> compiled and seems to run fine.  When compiling GSat the configure 
> program complains that it can't find GTK.  Using the package manager, 
> I have installed the GNOME software development tools.  Any ideas?

I don't run Fedora or any other DeadRat system, but have compiled Gsat 
to run on several boxes, including Debian (woody), Debian (sarge), SuSE 
7.2, SuSE 9.1 and even on my Apple Mac with Mac OS-X.

As it has already been said to compile Gsat (or many other graphic 
based tools) on Linux/OS-X etc.. you will need the gtk development 
package which doesn't normally get installed.

Once you have Predict running in server mode (with the -s switch), you 
can run Gsat on the same box or anywhere with a network connection to 
the server.  Gsat is a nice graphical display, and miles better than 
the standalone mtrack but I tend to just run Predict (my version of 
course) and simple text mode clients.


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