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RE: Graphical Satellite Tracking with Linux

Hi Mike,

I've used mtrack in the past, and supposedly you can lash xearth/xplanet to 
predict (but I haven't been able to make that work).  mtrack has a decent 
display of where the satellite is, a ground track and circle, and can track 
multiple sats at once.

But, besides the eye candy, what do you want the tracking program to do?  I 
ended up dropping mtrack in favor of predict (minux the simulated Earth 
stuff), because I found the spot in the source where I could modify the 
rotor interface to match my homebrew controller.  And, it also provided an 
interface that I could write a small program to drive the radio's doppler 
too.  So, I have total automation (at least, as total as can be with a 
736r), but no graphics, at least for now.

Greg  KO6TH

Hi All:
   Does anyone here have a graphical sat track program running under Linux?  
I'm running a 2.6 GHz Celeron PC with Fedora Core 3 and haven't been able to 
figure out how to get GSat compiled.  The GSat version is labeled 1.1.0 and 
came with a download of predict.  Predict compiled and seems to run fine.  
When compiling GSat the configure program complains that it can't find GTK.  
Using the package manager, I have installed the GNOME software development 
tools.  Any ideas?
Mike K4MPL (ex KU4AD)
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