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RE: Graphical Satellite Tracking with Linux

> Hi Mike:
> I ran into the same thing. I'm running a Debian Sarge machine and it
> happened to have gsat available to just apt-get install or just using
> Synaptic. But if you have to compile from the item with Predict, it
> complains about GTK. I'm definitely not a Linux guru and don't know a
> symlink from a simian, but I'm sure it wants a specific GTK version. It's
> version / dependency hell all over again. Debian makes it fairly easy with
> its apt-get utility and will make sure about dependencies.  I understand
> there is a movement to standardize some sort of installation utility
> across
> distros.
> I still haven't gotten xplanet to work with earthtrack2. It complains
> about
> needing some sort of switch. Maybe someday ...

You really don't need earthtrack2, as xplanet can display earth orbiting
satellites on his own, including footprints and ground track.

> 73, Jamie

73, Luc
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