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The AMSAT Journal


Once again I must notify you that the May-June issue of the Journal will be
late. I still am having some problems with the timing of article submissions.
Here is the schedule that I want to adhere to:

Odd numbered months of the year - All articles submitted to me no later than
mid-week 3 of the month.

Even numbered months of the year - Completed issue PageMaker files submitted
to the printer during week 1

(January = month 1, February = month 2 and so on)

Once the Journal is in the hands of the printer my job is done for that issue
unless the printer has questions of some kind or if he can't read a file I've
sent or something. From that point it's their job to print it and get it out
to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately due to a lot of reasons (all of which are good) articles have
not been arriving according to this schedule. This puts the Journal into your
hands late. I sincerely apologize for this.

I want you to understand that I take the Journal very seriously and am trying
to do the best job my amateurish hands can do. So please bear with me and I
will continue to work hard to get the Journal out on time. I spend a great
deal of time on the Journal putting it together and I'm trying daily to make
it better. I also have a more-than-full-time job to hold down.

Potential authors - Please send me your contributions. I anxiously await


Ed Long
Editor, The AMSAT Journal

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