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Re: What's In a Name w/InstantTune

Charlie Schlieper wrote:
> Recently, I found that my InstanTrack program, with InstantTune,
> had quit working to control automatic satellite Doppler Shift.
> The satellite I was testing was Hamsat.  I spent several frustrating
> days, many cups of coffee, troubleshooting why this program
> combination mysteriously quit working.
> Then late one night around 1AM, I was reading over the InstantTune
> docs with the help of my 26 pound cat, the light came on, and it
> became obvious.  I had installed this software before Hamsat had
> been assigned VO-52.
> My ITUNE.CFG file had been modified for "VO-52," but "HAMSAT"
> was still the database name inside Instantrack.  "Whoa-lah!  This
> has to be it," I thought.  Sure enough, as soon as I edited the sat
> name inside Instantrack back to VO-52 instead of HAMSAT, it
> all works again!
> Even though your KEPS will find the NORAD number and update,
> the DOPPLER SHIFT will not work if the NAME inside Instantrack
> doesn't exactly match what's inside ITUNE.CFG.
> I know, it was there all the time; but you see, we men sometimes
> figure we're "INTUITIVE" and don't need to read INSTRUCTIONS!
> Right Emily?
> Enjoy Ham Radio!
> Charlie, N5TD
> ----

Excellent observation Charlie.  I had assumed the object number would
be sufficient for change in satellite name but you demonstrated that is
NOT the case.  Good work!!     Cliff K7RR
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