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What's In a Name w/InstantTune

Recently, I found that my InstanTrack program, with InstantTune,
had quit working to control automatic satellite Doppler Shift.

The satellite I was testing was Hamsat.  I spent several frustrating
days, many cups of coffee, troubleshooting why this program
combination mysteriously quit working.

Then late one night around 1AM, I was reading over the InstantTune
docs with the help of my 26 pound cat, the light came on, and it
became obvious.  I had installed this software before Hamsat had
been assigned VO-52.

My ITUNE.CFG file had been modified for "VO-52," but "HAMSAT"
was still the database name inside Instantrack.  "Whoa-lah!  This
has to be it," I thought.  Sure enough, as soon as I edited the sat
name inside Instantrack back to VO-52 instead of HAMSAT, it
all works again!

Even though your KEPS will find the NORAD number and update,
the DOPPLER SHIFT will not work if the NAME inside Instantrack
doesn't exactly match what's inside ITUNE.CFG.

I know, it was there all the time; but you see, we men sometimes
figure we're "INTUITIVE" and don't need to read INSTRUCTIONS!
Right Emily?

Enjoy Ham Radio!
Charlie, N5TD
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