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Just another experience

Hi All:


I thought I would share a unique experience.  Tonight I had my camera tripod
antenna contraption out on the patio this evening to test out function prior
to FD. My 13 y.o. daughter Caitlin came out to watch me set up and listen to
the noise. First SO-50 came up but no signals were heard. Then AO-51 came up
first for a 17 degree pass. Only mild attempts were made to get into the
bird but the preamp was working and I could hear. Good .. I was set for the
later pass but this time coming out of the South-Southwest. After changing
position on my patio so that the house would not block reception, my
daughter came out to 'help'. I changed my ear buds out to an external RS
speaker and got good audio.  At AOS, Caitlin was with me and held the
speaker with a flashlight. Suddenly, the static settled down and voices were
heard. Caitlin's eyes just burst open in awe. I heard Lou, VE2DWE running a
mild pileup tonight, so I gave a shout. Nothing came back in the speaker, so
I kicked in the brick to bring it up to 30 watts. I gave another call and
Lou came back with my call sign. Caitlin exclaimed, "You got him, Daddy !"
Yes, I did.  Caitlin's eyes and exclamation was worth it all. I need to
re-live this often .


73, Jamie

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