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>>> "Dave G." <dmg@bossig.com> 06/13/05 12:17 PM >>>
>After a week of playing with it I have returned it 
>to the dealer...
>First, there are only three APRS stations active
> in my area, 

It is very useful for traveling through areas where
the other 27,000 users are.... Also, it can show
you where lots of other stuff is when traveling..
Such as clubs,  ECHOlink or IRLP nodes, or other
voice repeaters that all ID on APRS...  and it can
even alert you to satellites in view if someone is
running APRSdata in your region.

> The ISS passes are too infrequent to justify 
>keeping the HT.

Ah, 6 times a day anywhere on the planet?
Add PCSAT2, and ANDE and RAFT which
launch soon and there will be at least 20
passes a day when you can use the packet side of it.

> I found that the Kenwood is not a true dual band 
>unit! I could not monitor my local NWS on 162.45 
>MHz and simultaneously communicate on the local 
>SKYWARN (or any  local) repeater.

Sure you can.  Just dial band A to 162.45 and use
band B for all other VHF or UHF repeaters... at the
same time.

Not arguing with you, but just offering a different

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