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My thanks to all who responded to my queries on the Kenwood 

After a week of playing with it I have returned it to the 
dealer to be exchanged for an ICOM W-32A !!

Three main reasons - and not in any significant order...

First, there are only three APRS stations active in my area, 
all three are stationary, two repeating the same station data 
and one giving weather data. The ISS passes are too 
infrequent to justify keeping the HT.

Second, I found that the Kenwood is not a true dual band 
unit! I could not monitor my local NWS on 162.45 MHz and 
simultaneously communicate on the local SKYWARN (or any 
local) repeater.

Third, the ICOM will let me continuously track the downlink 
doppler with just a 'click' of the appropriate VFO knob.
This should make my attempts at copying anyone on Field Day a 
little easier....

I'm not 'dissing' the Kenwood - it is a very nice unit - just 
that it turned out not to fit my needs; and also to notify 
those that cared that I'll not be 'bugging' them for more 

Thanks again

Dave KK7SS
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