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Unidentified mystery signal

Hi all,

I just came across an almost forgotten recording that was made on August 26, 
2003 around 19:50 ET. The recording was made during preparations to copy the 
Mars Global Surveyor at 55 million Km away. The receive setup consisted of 
an Icom IC-R8500 phase locked to a GPS standard and an RFSPACE SDR-14 
connected to the 10.7 MHz IF output. The antenna was the 85 foot (26 meter) 
parabolic reflector at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute 

The mystery signal was heard around 438.293 MHz in FM mode. The recording 
appears to say "This is DEF2" over and over again. The actual azimuth and 
elevation of the antenna was not recorded. The antenna was pointed to space. 
This antenna has a pretty narrow beamwidth and the object appeared to fade 
in and out so it was probably moving.

I have uploaded a spectrograph of the RF signal out of SpectraVue, It can be 
found here:


There is also an MP3 recording of the signal here:


Can anyone identify this signal?


Pieter, N4IP
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