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Re: Re: Galileo project.

>Trevor is this BS!  If we lay down and let these commercial interests
>walk all over us, YES we are dead.  That is what you are trying to tell
>us and I damn well disagree.  We have rights in that area and we need
>to excerize them.  Giving up as you have exhibited is unacceptable!
>      1269 to 1270 is a HAM band, specifically satellite.  Other portions
>are specifically ham bands.  Where do you think we have to give in
>and cave in to these silly interests!!!!????      Cliff K7RR

We should of course fight to defend all our allocations but this battle was 
fought and lost 2 years ago although it generated suprisingly few emails at 
the time. The frequencies have been allocated to Galileo, the satellites are 
under construction at a cost of 2+ billion dollars and the system will be 
fully operational in 5 years time. At best we will have to learn to live 
with it and worst Amateurs will be pushed out as the systems starts to be 
used for "safety critical" applications.

Currently in the UK Airport Radar systems which also make use of that 
spectrum are being forced to relocate. Airport Radar is a high priority 
service, if they are being forced to move to make way for Galileo you can 
see the problems Amateurs will have.


Trevor M5AKA
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