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Re: Re: Galileo project.

Trevor M5AKA wrote:
> 1260-1300 MHz was a battle that was lost a couple of years ago.
> It is inevitable that in 5 years time when the system is fully 
> operational we will see a proliferation of receivers for Galileo when 
> that time comes I'm sure there will be an impact on Amateurs being able 
> to transmit between 1260-1300. An Amateur transmitting in this band will 
> block any Galileo receivers in the vicinity. Since "safety critical" 
> uses for Galileo will be developed protecting the receivers will 
> inevitably have precidence over Amateur operation.
Trevor is this BS!  If we lay down and let these commercial interests
walk all over us, YES we are dead.  That is what you are trying to tell
us and I damn well disagree.  We have rights in that area and we need
to excerize them.  Giving up as you have exhibited is unacceptable!
      1269 to 1270 is a HAM band, specifically satellite.  Other portions
are specifically ham bands.  Where do you think we have to give in
and cave in to these silly interests!!!!????      Cliff K7RR
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