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Re: Report on Demo. station at Tantramar High School

At a very successful demo to some Boy Scouts last fall, I had my 910H wired 
up to some external speakers, pointed AWAY from the operator's position, 
that allowed a large group (30-50 scouts) to hear the full-duplex QSO (the 
operator could hear the other stations just fine off the back of the 
speakers, without feedback).  They loved hearing both sides of the QSO.

I would recommend that you either use a full-duplex radio, or have a second 
receiver set up feeding either an external speaker, or even a PA system, if 
you are working with a large crowd.

George, KA3HSW

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> Things I would do differently:

> 3. With a bit of creative wiring, the audio could have been improved. I
> worked half-duplex,  removing the considerable fun of hearing one's own
> voice (or that of the operators), and probably making doubling more 
> likely.
> As Steve, WI2W, wrote me in email:
> "I suppose the "ideal" setup would include two headset/mics (one for you
> and one for the guest op) and an external speaker for the group all
> connected at once. This would require some creative wiring for sure."
> Any two of the above would be better. Perhaps someone can patch in a pair
> of battery-operated amplified speakers during kids' day and let us  know
> how it works. I was maybe overly concerned about feedback.
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